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Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

Looking back at Matt Damon’s career something caught my eye as strange. It was something I had never noticed before and seems quite odd considering how diverse of a career he’s had in the last twenty plus years. Matt Damon has never done a science fiction film… until now.

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JL1776d ago

Sorry, but that's incorrect. Matt Damon has indeed done sci-fi before.

The Adjustment Bureau is a good example. Damon even did lead voice work for Titan A.E.

Beyond that, the Bourne Trilogy (while being more focused on the thriller and action aspect) is still definitely sci-fi by definition. One could even make a case for Contagion being considered sci-fi, but that's stretching it a bit.

coolbeans1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I can agree with Adjustment Bureau, but I'm not sure how the Bourne trilogy would count as sci-fi. It stretches notions like amnesia, but you may as well count dozens of soaps that too.

JL1775d ago

An argument could be made for Bourne being sci-fi due to the whole pills making them super soldiers thing. That's a sci-fi concept.

Yes it's much more grounded than your traditional sci-fi, but still there's a sci-fi foundation there.

coolbeans1775d ago

True, but that concept wasn't really introduced until...I want to say Legacy but I can't recall if Ultimatum touched on that.

I think the key thing to note in the description above is "A science fiction film." To me, it reads like "a substantial core the movie can't do without."

When it comes to the trilogy Damon was involved in, we already have a political, globe-trotting, action thriller bunched into one already. Those characteristics listed are enough to have its "official" genre listed in a category other than sci-fi.

JL1775d ago

First, I want to say it was suggested in even Bourne Identity. At the very least, it was definitely discussed in Supremacy through flashbacks and when Damon has his "showdown" with Brian Cox. Legacy did dive deeper into it, though, playing up that aspect more. Whereas, as I said, Damon's trilogy only allowed that to serve as a backdrop so to speak.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm in no way actually saying that I'd classify the Bourne trilogy as actual sci-fi movies. They're not. They're action thrillers.

My real arguments against "Damon has never done sci-fi" were just Adjustment Bureau and Titan AE. Beyond that it just got me thinking if there was anything else. And that led me to take notice of the sci-fi element in the Bourne movies.

So, I merely stated that by definition it was sci-fi because it was based on a sci-fi element at it's core. I was merely showing that an argument could be made for those movies as Damon being familiar with the sci-fi genre. Not that I'd ever really classify them as sci-fi movies.

coolbeans1774d ago

"First, I want to say it was suggested in even Bourne Identity. At the very least, it was definitely discussed in Supremacy through flashbacks and when Damon has his "showdown" with Brian Cox."

Really? I guess I don't remember those portions. :P

In any case, that response made things completely clear for me.

perdie1776d ago

I guess some people just don't do their homework before they post things anymore.

You are right, the adjustment bureau is definitely Sci-fi

it says scifi on imdb and so does contagion

movieshateyoutoo1776d ago

Fair points guys and I have added a note to my review explaining my viewpoint concerning both Titan A.E. and Adjustment Bureau.