Did 'Sharknado' and "Shark Week" Just Cause Uni To Reboot 'Jaws'?

Bloody Disgusting

A rumor that’s been swirling since the dawn of Bloody-Disgusting is that Universal Pictures is remaking Steven Spielberg’s classic Jaws, the first ever summer blockbuster that opened June 20, 1975, and has banked in $260M at the box office (that’s $1 BILLION with inflation).

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TXIDarkAvenger1741d ago

Interesting. I love the Jaws films, but rebooting such a classic and not ruining it seems a little risky.

Drekken1741d ago

Why not? They do it with every other classic.

Garethvk1741d ago

But with CGI, think what they could do.

ironfist921741d ago

How about an Aquaman movie instead?

R3DRAIN891741d ago

I would much rather see a jaws reboot than another sharknado. Not no teenager shark movie but a pure classic kind of jaws i would like to see done.

darklordzor1741d ago

Reading the job posting this stems from, I'm calling bull crap.

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