The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Official Trailer Leaked


It seems like the leaked footage of upcoming films just keep on surfacing, this time the official trailer footage for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man has popped up featuring 3+ minutes of footage (Minor Spoilers for the plot are present so watch at your own risk)

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Crazay1652d ago

I know this was posted a while ago, but it was pulled down pretty quickly. Maybe you all who didn't see it yet can get a chance now

RetrospectRealm1652d ago

Pretty sure this is Comic-Con footage or something. Way too long to be a trailer.

Crazay1652d ago

ya it's Comic Con footage for sure.

DarkBlood1652d ago

did he just stop a car? o.o i know spiderman has strength i just didnt know how much he could output lol

wishingW3L1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

it sees the guy can go head to head against Superman or Thor any day. Poor Captain American wouldn't even stand a chance!

He even stopped a train by himself in Spider-man 2. lol

JuJuRMJ1651d ago

Well he has the proportionate strength of a spider, so yeah I think he can toss cars around if need be :)

DarkBlood1651d ago

your right he did but he needed the help of his webs

Ryasha1651d ago

If I recall correctly, Spider-Man can bench press up to ten tons

LoneWolf0191651d ago

In the comics its shown that Peter Parker is holding back alot of his strength. So catching a car is no problem ^.^

DarkBlood1651d ago

he could of destroyed the villians then, damn it superheros get your shit together lol

LoneWolf0191651d ago

@DarkBlood The new Superior spiderman doesn't really hold back so he may destroy dem villians ;P

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wishingW3L1651d ago

people should stop using Youtube when posting leaked stuff, it's retarded.

Crazay1651d ago

New links posted. Can't make any real changes to the post. get on it while it's live

R3DRAIN891651d ago

Peter parker needs to buff up a little,looks kind of dumb seeing a skinny guy beating bigger people up.

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