Is It True What They're Saying About Hugh Jackman?

NE: The multi-million dollar secret HUGH is hiding as he ponders a clawless future.

HUGH JACKMAN has been offered an astronomical $100 million to sign on for four more Wolverine movies – but insiders say he may turn it down.

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Sandmano1357d ago

Get him in the avengers.

tristanwerbe1357d ago

he takes his role very seriously and wants to do it but thinks he should be a avenger and fox should quit being greedy

JuJuRMJ1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

He does some serious training to look like he did in the Wolverine, so I guess he probably loathes that part (hope not) hey its 100 million, I would train like crazy for that sum no matter the age lol. Have a suit on with the cowl and you can have a body double for some scenes, make that happen fox!

Hergula1356d ago

I would be fine either way....

wishingW3L1356d ago

content not available on my area? I'm geting that PirateBay browser like right now dammit!

steven83r1356d ago

Is National Enquirer a trusted source? Aren't they one of those Spoof Magazines?

blackmanone1356d ago

Absolutely correct. This article can be taken with a grain of salt.