Has Scott Adkins Already Auditioned for the Role of Batman in Man of Steel Sequel?


There was a fan campaing launched to get Scott Adkins a shot at Batman in Zack Snyder's follow up to MAN OF STEEL. Has it succeeded?

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MWH1775d ago

Boyka Boyka Boyka..

mafiahajeri1775d ago

Lool he needs to be Kano in the next mortal kombat movie.

Heavenly King1775d ago

he would be a really badass Batman.

MYSTERIO3601775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I think he would be great as batman along with Hugh Jackman

Hergula1775d ago

I can't see him as Batman, considering his weak acting ability...

Lord_Sloth1775d ago

Yes, because Batman displays such a wide array of emotions. >____>

Hergula1774d ago

Well Batman does not, but Bruce Wayne sure does... Scott can't play Bruce Wayne, hence it would be useless to have him as Batman...

blackbirdi1774d ago

christian bale sux as batman only if i thing about his voice aaaaaaa i feel a shame for my favorite hero

Hergula1774d ago

I have to disagree, Christian Bale has been the best Batman so far in the history of Batman actors.

cell9891775d ago

this is the martial artist Gotham City needs, I loved The Dark Knight saga, but lets face it, the weakest point in those movies was the fact that Batman moved like a tank when fighting 3-4 guys at the same time, the fight choreographing was not that great. Stiff slow arm chops to the back of enemies and very few if any kicks ever used, Batman is a martial artist, but in the movies he relied too much on his batsuit armor and gadgets, those fights looked more like bar fights, we need a real martial artist to atleast stunt double.

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