The Playlist's Review: 'Lovelace'

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Not so much a film about Linda Lovelace as a film about a bunch of things that happen to Linda Lovelace, including a destructive marriage to seemingly complete, total, bonafide scumbag sonofabitch Chuck Traynor, "Lovelace" is a glossy, starry package featuring loving '70s set design, costuming and narratively crucial hairstyling (more on that later). But, the main question was always around the casting of the leading lady, especially given that the last few years have seen a flurry of names come and go from both this and rival Lovelace project “Inferno” (which famously once boasted Seyfried’s “Mean Girls” co-star Lindsay Lohan). Yes, Lovelace was herself by many accounts a very sweet and warm person, but she was also the first porn superstar, and later on a vocal anti-porn crusader; we knew Seyfried could play the white swan, but could she play the black swan? Actually she probably could have, if she had been given the right script: Seyfried’s performance is the best thing about the film by miles, it’s just a shame there isn’t more to her role.

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alycakes1719d ago

This one I was not going to see anyway until it was out on dvd or vod so it doesn't matter what people rate it.