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Interview with Elysium's Faran Tahir

If you have enjoyed any of the better blockbuster launches in the last five years, then chances are you have enjoyed Faran Tahir’s fine work as an actor. Whether it is motivating Tony Stark to build his first armored suit or literally being there for the birth of Captain Kirk, one could say he has the ability to facilitating the genesis of these heroes.

And as a respected character actor with a long history in theatre, he continues to appear in interesting projects every year, such as Warehouse 13 and this weekend’s opening Elysium. It is in build-up to the latter, as well as his upcoming work in October’s The Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, that allowed us to sit down with Tahir last month and discuss the finer points of working in this kind of high-concept cinema.

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