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TV Fanatic Burn Notice Review: Promises Must Be Kept

The line between good and bad - lawful and “honorable - is so blurry I’m not sure where Michael and the gang are standing.

And James was no slouch when it came to smearing them in "Bitter Pill."

Was I the only one with a tear in my eye as Michael and Fiona were looking at each other when she woke up after he rescued her? We’ve all been praying for weeks for these two to cut through the fighting and remember they truly love each other.

Well, nothing works better than a near death experience. I was so happy that Fiona survived, I actually didn't mind that James’ punishment on Ben for leaving her behind was a bit harsh... or a bit fatal, to be exact.

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alycakes1774d ago

This is getting more intense and there are only 4 more episodes left before the show is completely over. It's just breaking my heart not knowing if Michael and Fiona will be getting back together at the end. He is making such a big sacrifice for all of them.