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10 Futuristic Concepts From Sci-Fi Movies That Could Actually Happen

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While star Matt Damon and writer/director Neill Blomkamp have been repeatedly stating that there is no inherent social message to their new futuristic thriller "Elysium" (review here), it's something of a dubious claim. There are a number of real-life social and political parallels that you can draw between burnt out future of "Elysium" and the slightly less charred world we live in today (everything from the Occupy movement to Blackwater's involvement in American military actions in the Middle East). And if it isn't a social commentary (as the filmmakers claim), at the very least, it is a work of extraordinarily vivid speculative science fiction, one in which Los Angeles looks like an unruly Mexico City (where they shot the film) and robots hassle you on your way to work. It's enough for us to start wondering which of the concepts trotted out in "Elysium" (and there were a bunch) have the possibility of actually coming true. If "Elysium" isn't a social movie now, it might be a crystal ball instead.

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