The Bridge Review: Is the Beast on the Phone

Is the "serial killer" that Sonya and Marco are chasing also "The Beast" in Juarez?

On the surface, it would make sense to assume that they are the same person, but I don't think they are. The serial killer seems to be reacting to the lack of concern or investigation into the Beast's killings. He's making a political statement about the differences between how killings are treated in El Paso versus those in Juarez. If he was responsible for the deaths, why would he care?

Plus, there is the new cover-up in the FBI to consider. Is one or both of the killers in law enforcement? Could it be someone we already know?

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alycakes1778d ago

I have to say that after the first episode we weren't sure it would make it. Now my husband and I hang on every word. It is very dramatic and the female detective has so many issues and is dealing with trauma herself from many years ago so she's very strange.

All I know is now when it's over we look at each other and say 'It's over already?'. The hour seems to go by too fast. Next week is already the finale so I feel like it hasn't even been on that long.