The Wolverine Becomes The 19th Movie Of 2013 To Pass $100M Domestically

CBM: It took a little over two weeks, but James Mangold's The Wolverine has become only the 19th movie of 2013 to reach the elusive $100 million mark at the North American box office. A sequel is thankfully looking highly likely now. Hit the jump for further details!

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Crazay1721d ago

seems to be a rather easy target to hit these days

RetrospectRealm1721d ago

Especially for superhero films.

DarkBlood1720d ago

I have no problem with a sequal but how will they go about this? i mean they could explore the 2 year time gap but then we have that credit scene saying otherwise to a good conclusion of sending him back in time.

looking forward to that sequal and good to see it hit the deserve sales, i got 2 free shirts from seeing that movie lol

wishingW3L1720d ago

movie tickets are getting more and more expensive, so it's faster to reach those targets.

Cihan1719d ago

I have my problems with the film, it has weak antagonists, but at least it attempts to explore characters over meaningless action scenes like most blockbusters this year. (well putting aside the weak third act)