Will The New Star Wars Title Be Announced at D23

Gareth at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece asking if the new "Star Wars" title will be announced this weekend at the D23 convention. He cites that since this is the first D23 convention since the company purchased the franchise, this is an ideal time for some updates on the film.

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Crazay1777d ago

It makes sense if they did it at oneof these expos but i think it's going to wait until next year.

Garethvk1777d ago

I agree, I had thought they would wait until filming has started as that is what had happened with each of the Prequels. That beings Said, Kathleen Kennedy had said this one would be far more open and less secret than the previous films. There will be some sort of Star Wars stuff I am sure, like Rebels and so on, but since D23 has the movie previews and news come by division, I do not think Lucasfilm will come up empty handed. The big question is what will they have? It could simply be them talking Rebels perhaps announcing a shooting date, and then trotting out Abrams or Kennedy.

Garethvk1776d ago

At least Orange Harvest was announced.