LEGO Back to the Future Set Review: Fluxing the capacity of nostalgia | GamerTell

From the review, "LEGO recently released its first ever set based on the Back to the Future franchise. The set’s existence is the direct result of the company’s LEGO CUUSOO program that lets regular people submit their creations for a chance at it becoming an official LEGO product. The Back to the Future concept was created by Masashi Togami and minifigure builder Sakuretsu. The journey for the team’s Back to the Future LEGO set started in 2011, and was selected as the next CUUSOO product on December 20, 2012. As a fan of both Back to the Future and LEGO, it took no convincing at all for me to purchase this set the moment it became widely available for $34.99."

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hazelamy1746d ago

they should make a large scale, highly detailed version, like those Model Team sets they used to make.
or a Technic set with lots of mechanical features.
and they could include a light up flux capacitor.