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Warner Bros Has Gotham PD Inspired TV Show Lurking in the Shadows

Even though Warner Bros is moving on from the Nolanverse on the big screen, that hasn't stopped them from finding a way to continue it on the small screen.

The studio is prepared to hire a writer to tackle a Gotham PD inspired television show that would essentially take place between the aftermath of The Dark Knight and before the return of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. The story would involve the pressure on Gotham's finest to take control of the city during Batman's hiatus from crime fighting.

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Crazay1749d ago

I think this could be a very interesting project. If they decide to do this, they will have to make sure to include real villains from the comic series and not just the Mob corruption that had a very heavy presence in Batman Begins and TDK.

blackmanone1748d ago

Enough cop shows. It seems any genre that studios aren't totally sold on become lame cop shows.

RetrospectRealm1745d ago

What the hell are you talking about...

ironfist921748d ago

Link it with Arrow and Flash!!!