Could Jeffrey Dean Morgan Be Up For Batman?

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Part of the fun of an upcoming blockbuster film, especially a comic book movie, is following the casting process. Rumors swirl all over the place, from the depths of fan sites like Batman-On-Film to the glossy front pages of the biggest mega entertainment sites like Hollywood Reporter. Fans in comments sections and forums argue and debate but when it's all said and done, the part could go to the first name reported or none of the names at all.

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alycakes1754d ago

Now there's a thought....middle age but very fit and has a lot of charisma. I think he would be perfect but I'm bias.

Crazay1753d ago

Have a little thing for him do ya Aly? Hahhahah

I think he might be able to fill the role quite well and enver really thought about him to be honest. I just don't want people to get he the Comedian or Batman.

alycakes1753d ago

Oh, I fell in love with him back when he played John Winchester on Supernatural. He has got the prettiest white teeth and the perfect smile and he's a great actor.

Crazay1753d ago

Hahhaha. that's hilarious.

vitorizzo1753d ago

he kind of has that same frame as the batman in the dark knight returns

level 3601753d ago

He'd actually be great as the mature **Doctor Strange with Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the young version.

Just an opinion.

Minute Man 7211753d ago

Just no looks like WB gonna mess this movie up. Bring back Bale

Deadpoolio1753d ago

NO Jesus.....Bale was god awful as Batman that voice was worse than nails on a chalkboard. His Bruce Wayne was alright..I'd rather have Adam West play Batman in 2013 then even have Bale or Levitt anywhere near batman again.

ironfist921753d ago

He'd make a better Vandal Savage

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