Harrison Ford Will Star In The Expendables 3; Bruce Willis Is Out

Slash Film:
The Expendables 3 will be out in just about a year. Now, it is adding one of the biggest box office stars of all time. Sylvester Stallone took to Twitter to reveal that Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, is joining the action sequel. It’ll be directed by Patrick Hughes.

He also revealed Bruce Wills will not return for a third turn with the series.

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DarkBlood1754d ago

well that just sticks wont be in it lol

alycakes1754d ago

I like it Willis is in these movies...he always makes me laugh.

jordan84451754d ago

Willis asked for too much money, Stallone ripped him in the follow up tweet.

ironfist921754d ago

I cant stand Bruce Willis anymore

iliimaster1753d ago

its a cool franchise they got going on but jason staham? or whatever his role was wayyyyyyy too big for the people that were in the movie

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