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Independent Cinema - 2 Guns Review

Independent Cinema writes: From the first trailer that was released for 2 Guns, I was not expecting anything great. It looked like a serious, but maybe slightly action-filled summer movie that would be forgotten soon after watching it. The buddy cop formula that has been beat to death this summer returns, this time with Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington pairing up for some high-octane thrills and criminal dealings. While the movie is definitely banking on its two leads as enough incentive to see this film, 2 Guns is much more than I expected it to be. To be fair, I expected a disappointment, but it was still rather shocking for the film to come out with me raving about some of its humor and scenes that felt right at home in this B-movie with an A-list cast. It may never quite reach the heights of some of the best B-movies out there, but this film definitely has enough nonsense in it to keep the cliches from degrading it too much.

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