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Submitted by Crazay 916d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons Summer Blockbuster Movies Are Failing at the Box Office


Lately, it's becoming increasingly difficult for summer blockbusters to make a splash at the box office. What used to be three months of memorable blockbuster moviegoing, the modern summer film season hasn't just become longer (starting in late April and running through August), we're also seeing an increased number of high profile releases vying for box office dollars week to week. Therefore, it's more important than ever that any individual film makes a big splash in its opening weekend - or be doomed to obscurity as the next round of contenders come into the multiplex. (Culture)

Garethvk  +   916d ago
For me it is obvious. They are just not that good. Even though I get to see them for free and early as a reviewer, there has not been one film this summer that I would pay to see again and most of them have been mainly hype filled FX reels that were boring. Plus many of the better efforts were in April and as such, the May, June, and July films have been lacking. There are some interesting choices in August, but honestly I can say that Riddick, Kick Ass 2, and Elysium interest me more than many of the other offerings to date.
Crazay  +   916d ago
I haven't seen as many summer movies as I used to but the ones I was fortunate enough to see were really good and I really liked them. I am super excited for Kick-Ass 2, Elysium and Riddick though.
Bimkoblerutso  +   916d ago
I don't disagree that a great many of these movies are mindless crap (not even well done mindless crap, a lot of times), but the industry has thrived on those types of movies for decades. Personally I don't think that's the issue at all.
Crazay  +   916d ago
I like mindless crap though. Sometimes its great to just sit back, switch off the mind and eat some popcorn while watching a movie full of explosions and copious amounts of gunfire.

But I have 2 issues with going to the movies and it's not the quality of movie. It's having a 4yr old and the price. Last time the 3 of us went to a movie, it cost us about $75. for 1 1.5hr movie....Insane.
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alycakes  +   916d ago
I've seen a few but not as many as I used to see in a spring and summer's been a bad year but I'm hoping to change that soon.
iamnsuperman  +   916d ago
Simple reason too many releases in the summer combined with the price of cinema tickets. It is £8 to see a film. That alone stops me going too much plus it is nice to nibble on something which adds to the cost. Then you factor in there are too many films in the summer and boom. You get a couple of big hitters and lots of bombs.
killajd  +   916d ago
here in santa maria California its 11 a movie after 4pm
blackmanone  +   916d ago
Give me something that hasn't been dumbed down for the masses and I'll go to the movies again.
Garethvk  +   916d ago
Still only 7.00 at our two locales for a afternoon show and 10 for evening.. 3.00 for 3D surcharge. But we have a great cinema where our drinks are 1.50 and popcorn is 1.50 for a large bag you can refill. You buy a cup at 6.00 that they refill all year for 1.50 and a shirt for 25.00 that gets you a free small popcorn or you pay 1.00 for a large or 1.50 for a jumbo with a refill you can use on your next visit.
level 360  +   916d ago
I seriously believe a lot of them are just waiting for the Blu Ray release of these blockbusters ( to either rent or may even buy ) which now comes after just a couple of months after being shown in theaters.

Especially for the many who now own one or two of these huge 3D Full HD screens with accompanying surround sound home equipment, the viewing effect and experience is as good or even better than seeing them in the moviehouse..

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GenericNameHere  +   916d ago
Why didn't Pacific Rim do a bajillion dollars???!!! That movie had giants robots beating the crap out of giant monsters! What the hell, people?? You go and watch a movie about washed-up and has-been adults who have not been funny in over a 15 years now, but not a robot clobbering a monster? Good grief, people! If the new Godzilla movie coming out next year doesn't at least do $500M+ worldwide, I'd... I'd... I'd do nothing, but I'd be pretty piss3d off about it!

*grumble* I personally enjoyed it way more and thought it was million times better than Iron Man 3's stupid rendition of the Mandarin *grumble*
Soldierone  +   916d ago
There are several reasons its going downhill

1 Movies haven't changed in over a decade. Movies were mindless violence, but visuals were getting better. Visuals have basically hit a wall at this point. Either they are "mind blowing" or somewhere near it. How many times have we seen a giant city explode this year alone? People are simply sick of it, time to go back to what made Hollywood so great, STORIES.

2 Its expensive. I saw a "meal" at my theater today. It was 3 pieces of chicken strips, fries, and a medium drink. This meal was 20 dollars. Not over exaggerating this price at all, it was literally 20 dollars for ONE meal. Combine that with the 9 dollar ticket (for matinee) and it aint cheap seeing a dang movie!

3 A lot of the good movies are learning to release in holiday season over the summer. people are waiting out the mindless action flicks to go see movies in August and later. Thor, Kick Ass, Hunger Games, all these movies skipped the summer releases and will for sure do well.
shivvy24  +   915d ago
Popcorn and a drink is $10 in Australia , $15 for a ticket
Soldierone  +   915d ago
For our national theater chain here I'll do a comparisons.


Large Drink (32-40 ounce I believe)= 8 dollars
Popcorn = 7 dollars (medium)
Tickets = 9 dollars matinee, 12.50 for regular

Compared to EVERY other place that sells the same soda = 89 cents for a 60 ounce drink, 20 cent refills. Can be found on literally every corner store.

Another more local theater:

Large Drink = 7 dollars for a "loyalty" cup, with 1.50 refills ALL YEAR. WIN
Popcorn = 4 dollars for medium, or 25 dollars for a "shirt" and FREE popcorn for a year. WIN
Tickets = 7 dollars (or less) matinee, 7 dollars for students and military, and 9 dollars for regular. WIN
SynestheticRoar  +   916d ago
A lot of them sucked. Pacific Rim I enjoyed, and your right that Ironman 3 was sorry.
johny5  +   916d ago
maybe the problem is giving almost half the movie budget to "Certain" actors??? "Especially actors that don't deserve it!" Will Smith anyone?
Minute Man 721  +   916d ago
It's the economy, it's not getting any better
MilkMan  +   915d ago
Movies have to be loud and violent. They need all they can afford on their side to attract viewers.
Also movies compete with TV now more fiercely than ever. With great drama pieces and action setups that rival most low to mid level budgeted movies.

Also good dramatic, thriller scripts have been virtually non-existent since the superhero craze. Argo was considered a HUGE gamble because they told Affleck that his competition was shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Take in consideration what defines action now a days. If we see a man with muscles the whole project is considered horrible. The Arnold's and Sylvester's of yesteryear don't pack 'em in the theater the way they used to.

Folks seem to want effeminate men, or thinking man's action. Say something like Inception rather than A Good Day to Die Hard. which didn't have the best story, but it isn't billed as drama, its an action movie and in that department it pays its dues.

In short viewers taste have changed, TV is a big competition and lets not forget lots of American's steal their entertainment. Why pay when they can download it or buy from the Chinese vendor for 5 bucks.

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