TV Fanatic True Blood Review: Dead But Not Gone

Much of this week's True Blood episode dealt with Arlene coming to grips with Terry's death as she prepared for his funeral.

Elsewhere, "Dead Meat" had an opportunity to cut away some dead weight with regard to Alcide and Sam's arcs, but instead brought the two together over a bottle of whiskey.

It was bad enough Alcide had to fight Rikki, but to get an earful from her afterward about how his showing her mercy was a weakness? Ridiculous. Glad to see his pack days are, at least for now, behind him. I was sort of digging he and Sam's little bonding session, but the introduction of a baby had me shaking my head. We've already seen Andy playing the befuddled father this season. I feel like Sam's arc is being written down that same road.

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