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The Two Main Family Guy Members at Risk of Being Killed Off

Junkie Monkeys: Weeks ago during the Family Guy panel at Comic Con a bomb was dropped. It was announced that a main member of the Griffin family would be killed off and replaced. We think we may have narrowed it down to the two characters who are at risk of being chopped.

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ZombieGamerMan1755d ago

Chris most likely since I don't see Brian dying because Seth McFarlane voices him

wishingW3L1755d ago

he's the most boring too.

iamnsuperman1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

It will be Brian not Chris. Brain represents Seth Macfarlane's ideology but that isn't really needed in the family any more. Brain has now become Stewie's side kick. He is also the easiest to replace but I feel Macfalane doesn't know what to do with him any more. Chris is dumb but that can lead onto some stories. Brain on the other hand it just Seth in cartoon form but with no use any more. It would be sad and I do hope it isn't true. I hope it is a side character not any of the family

It could also be Meg. Meg has never been a major character. It is nice to hate on her (good joke) but it is getting old. Mila Kunis has gotten very big. Replacing her would be a good (economic) move while not really impacting the family's dynamics. More recent shows have shown the attitude towards Meg being positive. Also they could do big hurrah "hate Meg joke" with her dying and no one caring. I know she is mentioned in the other episode but these are the two most likely characters

Resistance_lord1754d ago

Who The crap is brain!?

ZombieGamerMan1754d ago

to everyone. Brian ain't dying because Seth McFarlene is too much of an egotistical clown to ever kill off his character. The only show he isn't being narcissistic is the Cleveland Show and that one is being canned.

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Lord_Sloth1755d ago

Seth Mcfarlane voices Peter, Stewie, and Brian. If he kills Brian that still leaves Peter and Stewie for him to voice.

Bimkoblerutso1754d ago

They killed off all the characters a long time ago. They've all just been vehicles for quickfire gags since about the fifth or sixth season, maybe earlier.

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SilentNegotiator1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Probably Peter and Stewie.

No, but seriously, it's obvious Chris, Meg, Mayor West, or Joe because those use talented voice actors that don't voice-direct-produce-write the show, and are regular enough non-pivotal characters to be worth mentioning as being killed off.

Yehshuah1755d ago

meg or chris. to me mayor west is funny and joe is one two friends left for peter.

Bimkoblerutso1754d ago

Plus, I mean...where else is Adam West going to find work?

MonChiChi1755d ago

Mayor West apart of their family!?

Haha just messing with ya.

e-p-ayeaH1755d ago

it really doesnt matter anymore the show degraded in quality way long before this.

360ICE1755d ago

They kind of killed off a character already. In that episode where they go to Vegas.

DarkMeans1755d ago

If Chris dies, maybe Herbert will have a heart attack and die too? But my guess is that it's gonna be Brian that goes.

KwietStorm1755d ago

If they killed Brian, I wouldn't watch anymore. And that would effectively kill half of Stewie.

MajorLazer1755d ago

It would kill off all of Stewie. One cannot work without the other. I hope it is not Brian. He is my joint favourite, with Stewie

hazelamy1753d ago

yeah, Brian and Stewie have mostly been a double act for years now.

well, Brian does stuff on his own, but Stewie rarely gets any stories that don't involve Brian

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