Making 2015’s Batman/Superman Not Terrible


Mr Sunday takes a look at how to make a successful adaptation of 2015's highly anticipated Batman/Superman movie. Check it out and share your thoughts

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MoJoOttawa1778d ago

You make it not suck by ensuring there's a solid foundation with the script and casting someone in the role of Batman that can push Henry Cavill as Superman and build a real love/hate relationship between them in that they work with one another, but never fully truth each other.

1776d ago
ironfist921777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Here's one, stop focusing too much on Batman in what was supposed to be a sequel to Superman, and dont make them fight.

Everyone with half a brian knows Superman would kill Batman if he had to, making him weak and at the mercy of Batman just lessens his character and his values to the story and as a hero.

Leio1777d ago

Not necessary

If they go with the older Batman, a fight between these two to pass on Batmans ideology to the younger Superman seems like a very valid starting point.

A clash between their versions of justice can also be very interesting.

Superman is stronger than Batman but everyone with half a brian knows he is by no mean invincible.

ironfist921777d ago

But people think that Superman is dumber than Batman, which I find ridiculous. He has super fast reflexes and thinking, he can see what Batman does before he does it.

Leio1776d ago

Getting beaten doesnt make anyone dumb, by that logic both of them would have been very dumb by now.

Superman is smarter than the "average human" but Batman is far from being one.Its not always the smartest one that wins a fight but the most dedicated one and thats just one good starting point.

ironfist921777d ago

Youre telling me you dont have a brian?!

KingPin1777d ago

well, you cant make them fight one another. superman cant lose.
you cant have a super villian for superman and a normal one for batman. lessens batman skills
you cant have 2 super villians, batman would be crushed or supes will have to save him.
you cant have 2 human villians, you don't need batman in that case.

ajax171777d ago

It will only be three years since TDKR! Too soon!