Neill Blomkamp Grateful For Failed Halo Movie

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Back in 2005, Neil Blomkamp was just a young, up-and-coming director from the world of commercials and music videos who was handpicked by Peter Jackson (The Hobbit) to helm a live-action film adaptation of Microsoft’s hit first-person shooter video game, Halo. A year later, the project fell apart due to Jackson and Microsoft’s onerous contract stipulations, something partners 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures decided was too big of a financial risk to their respective companies. Spurred by a guilty conscious so to speak, Jackson agreed to produce and help finance Blomkamp’s original, small-budget sci-fi project named District 9.

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Crazay1753d ago

I'm sure it's fair to say that someone at MS and 20th Century is kicking themselves in the collective asses about this. They could have had 2 movies out by now with a 3rd on the way and likely the most successful videogame to movie franchise.

Leio1752d ago

From what i´ve heard MS is the biggest idiot in this mess. They wanted too much control and too much stake in a business they clearly know nothing about.

Crazay1752d ago

I recall something to the effect of them not having full faith in him as director due to his not having done anything on a larger scale.