The Evil Dead VS Evil Dead

Best Horror Movies says: Sam Raimi’s low budget masterpiece caught the world by storm. Initial censorship issues kept this one confined to a meager release, but once it hit home video, a flood of fans discovered a new piece of celluloid gold.

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Crazay1783d ago

I liked both movies. The newer one for it's gore and the original because it was pretty creepy

Best-Horror-Movies1783d ago

This is really the best horror remake that has come out in years. I love the original the best, but the ramke will make it into my top 1000 horror or all time list.

Best-Horror-Movies1782d ago

THat should say Top 100 not Top 1000.

DarkBlood1783d ago

even more pumped for the inevitable merge of both original and remake going to be awesome

Best-Horror-Movies1782d ago

that could turn out interesting.

Crazay1782d ago

I have to admit, the girl in the cellar was tough for me to look at. She was the creepiest thing I've ever seen in a movie. That girl deserves some special mention for her portrayal and the makeup fx people deserve some recognition too because yea...whenever she was on screen, I felt uncomfortable looking at her

aDDicteD1782d ago

i agree with the article that both films are equal respectively but i feel the remake is better, it is just really hard to say that the original has been slightly overtaken because the first evil dead is special in its own way, but if you technically count the efforts fairly i think the new version is in the slightest way much better. other horror remakes have also done this before like ; hills have eyes, halloween and texas chainsaw massacre had very strong remakes that can equal the original.

DOOMZ1782d ago

I found the new one to be anticlimactic. It was very good but the last demon was a little too easy to beat...

roadkillers1781d ago

Coming from a guy with Doom in his name, this definitely means something.

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