100 Weirdest Movie Sequels


From the mad to the misjudged, Total Film shares their list of the 100 weirdest movie sequels of all time.

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Crazay1725d ago

I can't agree with New Nightmare, Blair Witch 2 or Critters 2. I quite enjoyed them.

barb_wire1725d ago

Highlander II - a sequel that utterly and completely contradicted the first.. I'm amazed that they could continue to make movies and spin-off a TV series after that.

Crazay1725d ago

I remember I hated Highlander 2 but can't recall why.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1724d ago

Troll 2. One of the best worst movies ever.

Halloween 3. Awful movie. Nothing to do with the franchise just a cash in on the name.

Crazay1724d ago

is that the one with the halloween masks that turn kids in goblins or something and that annoying song? Cause if it is you're absolutely right

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1724d ago

Yep. 8 more days til Halloween....halloween....silv er shamrock.

Crazay1724d ago

That's the one. That was effin terrible. Thanks for bringing up a long forgotten memory. =P

MoJoOttawa1724d ago

What about Supergirl? That was a sequel in a round about way.