50 Worst Comic Book Movie Moments

Total Film takes a look at their 50 worst moments in comic book movie history

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Crazay1447d ago

Nipples on Batman and Robin...Need I say any more? I didn't think so.

MoJoOttawa1447d ago

HAHAHAH! The crying face on Spider-man was great

aDDicteD1447d ago

Talia's death scene on the dark knight rises should be on the list.

ironfist921447d ago

HISHE - Worst. Death. Ever.

wannabe gamer1446d ago

Howard the duck!!!! i used to watch that movie a lot when i was a kid.

Crazay1446d ago

Me too. I fell over myself when I saw it was on Netflix.

RandomDude6551446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I still don't get the "teleportation" in the Dark Knight Rises. I believe it said the bomb would go off in two or three months, and it was nearing the zero mark when he got back. You also don't know how much of that bruce spent down there. It's more of a problem of downplaying or not conveying the passage of time, then the actual ways he got back. Anyone could get a plane to a nearby city, and maybe rent/steal a boat to get back over there.

Also I like the two Blade moments on the list.

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