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Comic Creator James O’Barr Discusses The Crow Reboot


O’Barr admits he was persuaded to jump on board by the film’s Spanish director, F. Javier Gutiérrez, making his English-language debut following 2008’s acclaimed Before The Fall.

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Crazay1779d ago

I'm really glad that they went back to the man who created the character for some guidance on this. I loved the original and would really like to see Eric Draven portrayed in a different film. It's just too damn bad that Brandon Lee is gone.

ironfist921778d ago

Maybe its hard to get this movie going considering what happened to the last actor who played the original Crow

Crazay1778d ago

Maybe...I just think the problem stems from the sequels all being terrible in every sense of the word.

KingPin1778d ago

they shouldnt reboot this movie.
its like telling someone to repaint the mona lisa.

but if they do, il still go watch it. just to see if it gets butchered as badly as the lone ranger.

TheWolverine1778d ago

Don't forget Total Recall. That was a disappointment, to me anyway.