Katey Sagal Interview: Gemma in "Pretty Good Place" on Sons of Anarchy Season 6

When we last saw Gemma on Sons of Anarchy, the ostracized matriarch was seemingly making her move back into the club...

... by kicking Tara into the clink.

Did Gemma really turn the mother of her grandchild in for her role in Otto's prison murder? Katey Sagal says we'll find out early in Sons of Anarchy Season 6, while also teasing that Gemma is actually in a "pretty good place" when we see her again on September 10.

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alycakes1786d ago

I will watch at the beginning just like I do each season and then I determine if I will see it thru. There have been a couple of seasons that I don't. Last season I did but you always catch up because it's like a soap opera.