Batman to be Older in Batman vs. Superman

Batman on Film

If this comes to pass, then Bat-Fans of my vintage will certainly dig the casting of the new Batman!

According to several (more than 1, less than 10 *wink*) unrelated BOF sources, the new Batman that will appear in the MAN OF STEEL sequel, will be older. Like mid-40s older.

That tells me that we’re definitely not getting a rookie Batman – this new Batman will be a grizzled veteran who has been on the job, if you will, for several years.

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Crazay1725d ago

This makes the most sense to me for casting the new Batman. Admittedly, and I know this is a helluva long shot, but I'm hoping for a truckload of cash to be backed up to Christian Bale's home and he comes on board.

tristanwerbe1724d ago

it makes sense due to the fact a "NEW" Origin story may sway some people away give people the Batman that is already fought countless crimes for example a Batman like in Batman Arkham City is ideal, Batman does deserve a origin one of the three DC characters thats origin is actually good

blackmanone1724d ago

Are you talking about the game or the movie?

tristanwerbe1720d ago

I mean how in the game its the 40 year old, but the in the movie he is the younger Batman

ironfist921724d ago

You cant have them too old considering they'll want a string of Justice League films which could take possibly 5+ years of an actors life to being committed to that role

GenericNameHere1723d ago

If Batman's already in his mid 40s, might as well make Dick into Nightwimg already, and bring in Jason or Tim. I'd say go with Tim, as if you want to establish the Red Hood already, you can, and you can also have Nightwing and Robin join Batman, all in one movie. Oh, and Batgirl/Oracle too. Are there any actors in their early-mid 40s who look battle-hardened, and also looks like a dude who would seriously dress up like a bat and fight crime, and like using technologies? And what about the batcave? Was there even one in Batman Begins and Dark Knight? DKR only showed it 2-3 times max.

I personally think Bruce and Clark should always be close to the same age. Supes and Bats are BFFs. But then again, they are going to pitch Batman against Superman, and there's no way in heck a starting Batman with just a year's worth of experience would beat Supes.

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