Continuum: Renewed for Season 3

Continuum will continue on Syfy for at least one more season.

TV Line has confirmed that the network has given this Canadian production a 13-episode Season 3 order. It will conclude its run in the U.S. on August 30 and then return some time in the summer of 2014.
Continuum stars Rachel Nichols and its Season 2 ratings have gone up across the board when compared to those of Season 1.

The time-traveling drama centers on rebels from the year 2077 who go back to 2012 Vancouver and engage in a violent campaign to prevent businesses of the future from replacing governments with their own rules.

Nichols anchors the series as a police officer tasked with trying to stop these rebels from accomplishing their goal.

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alycakes1781d ago

At first I thought this show wouldn't make it but I've been watching it and I have got caught up in it and the characters. It is very exciting and there is plenty of action too.