First Look At Sentinel On X-Men: Days of Future Past Set


Bryan Singer ("Superman Returns") has just tweeted a new behind-the-scenes image of, a Sentinel! You gotta check out this immense robotic guardian that was built by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage).

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Crazay1783d ago

They look pretty sweet but somehow I imagined them to be much bigger than that.

hazelamy1783d ago

i imagine it'd seem plenty big if it was trying to kill me.

and from the decal on the leg, this might be a mark 2 model.
later versions might be bigger.

2pacalypsenow1782d ago

The camera effects will make them bigger

darklordzor1783d ago

They look...interesting. They don't feel all that menacing to me, but then again this is behind the scenes. Some lighting and any other post-production effects could make them look really badass.

RedHawkX1783d ago

I guess it looks alright but the ones from the cartoon are the best sentinels. and the one from the original xmen trilogy where wolverine cut its head off in the vr training thing.

JewyMcJew1782d ago

Except for the Dyson inspired chest area, not too shabby!

blackmanone1782d ago

I know, eh? Who decided on that chest?

Other than that huge oversight, they're not half bad. Still hoping on a full sized one, but if I remember correctly the comic book it was based on had the human sized sentinels?

OSIRUSSS1782d ago

Looks cool! I hope they have the plastic ones with nukes built to take out Magneto! I thought that was one cool thing about the comics. Also I hope they have Master Mold!