Transformers 4: Better Look At Mark Wahlberg's Sword & Stanley Tucci Spotted


Filming for Michael Bay's Transformers 4 commenced in Detroit yesterday, upon the Hong Kong, China set. Stars of the film; Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor and Stanley Tucci were on hand. Scenes involved explosions and a Chinese wedding.

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darklordzor1722d ago

I'm not sure exactly what I'm missing here, but why does he have a big sword with him?

Crazay1722d ago

I don't know but I think he's about to eff something up with it

Lord_Sloth1722d ago

He's gonna go all Guilty Crown on dem Robots and it will be the most epic combat scene ever filmed by Western Cinema!


hazelamy1722d ago

that's a big arse sword.

Hergula1722d ago

That's what she said

Sry, couldn't help myself :D.

hazelamy1722d ago

i'm only annoyed, i didn't think of doing that joke first, ^_^

ElitaStorm1722d ago

that most be the Star Saber

hazelamy1722d ago

that was from Armada wasn't it?

never really watched much of that, i'm more a G1 kinda girl.

Crazay1721d ago

STar Saber? Is that from one of the other cartoons?

ElitaStorm1721d ago

the StarSaber is in both transformers Prime and Armada but in transformers armada the sword is 3 mini-cons transforming into the sword

and in the prime universe the sword is a lost artifact that found in a stone on earth and can only be used by a prime

there is also a dark energon sword made by megatron with the forge of solus prime(the hammer)

blackmanone1722d ago

Human Transformers maybe?

RedHawkX1721d ago

well looking at that sword this might be the first good transformer movie. mark walberg probably plays the older version of shia leboufs character.