Red-Band “2 Guns” Trailer Blows Up All The Right Spots

When the debut trailer was released for “2 Guns”, it showed that mixing Washington and Wahlberg with action makes for some astounding action sequences. Now, the Red-Band trailer has been released, proving that when you place two brilliant actors into a film together, give them targets to shoot, clever lines to deliver, you got yourself one helluva entertaining action flick. The foul-mouthed buddy comedy is exactly what is needed during this time of the year when all of the blockbuster movies have already been released. “2 Guns” most definitely looks like a very entertaining action flick taking us back to the 90′s, where there was always damsels in distress, fast bullets, and dozens of bad guys for target practice. Check out the Red-Band trailer, as I am more than confident that it will be a film worth a watch.

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