Tower Block Blu-Ray Review [Capsule Computers]

Andrew Day from Capsule Computers wrote:

"Directed by James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson, Tower Block is a modern day thriller set amongst the backdrop of a low-income apartment building. After a sniper targets the residents, it is a story of survival and escape before they are all picked off one by one. Sheridan Smith (Mrs Biggs), Jack O’Connell (Wuthering Heights, 300: Rise of an Empire), Ralph Brown (Alien 3, Jack the Giant Slayer) and Russell Tovey (Sherlock) lead the cast through what is a formulaic and at times nonsensical thriller. Despite a conclusion that anyone can see coming a mile away, and some lackluster acting performances, Tower Block does well to always keep you in a state of suspense, never knowing who is going to bite the bullet next."

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