Bad Milo Trailer

Best Horror Movies says "Bad Milo sounds absolutely engrossing, and gross, and we bet that you can’t wait to see this one! Loaded with laughs and plenty of gore, Bad Milo will be available VOD at the end of August.

The red band trailer for the film just landed online. This looks like it could be king of the B-movie, and strangely enough, it seems like it may play as a nice double feature to Slither."

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RetrospectRealm1755d ago

Uploaded 6 minutes ago and already 140 temp? No way.

Hergula1754d ago

We all know that people go for what is catchy, not actual quality. No offence to the uploader, I'm talking about the trailer...

RetrospectRealm1754d ago

I saw this in pending with 0 temp, refreshed 20 seconds later and it was 140...

Hergula1753d ago

The temp system works fine, but one person could simply click on it 100 times, just to pump the degree up. There is no IP lock on who's click counts for the overall degree. Not saying that anyone did it, considering I was not there when it hit 140, I'm simply saying that it's possible.

Best-Horror-Movies1753d ago

I was actually having trouble posting this one and received several errors and was reported that I had no trailer on Filmwatch while I was still in the edit mode. Maybe an error there I don't know.

Don't worry I don't post enough to win any of the contests any ways.

RetrospectRealm1753d ago

This has happened on multiple occasions. Temp altering is still prohibited here.

Hergula1753d ago

I know... I'm just saying that it is a possibility.

Best-Horror-Movies1754d ago

This movie looks so ridiculous I will have to watch it.

Hergula1753d ago

In responce to my comment above.

Haha, don't worry, I'm completely fine with your posts, and everybody check their own uploads to Newsboiler, giving it a bit higher temp, but there is no way you could give this post 620 temp yourself, look at all of us returning to comment and all.

Please, keep posting, and the higher the temp, the easier it is to spot them.

Personally I like the things you post, as even if I may be shocked by some of the horror films, those feelings are strictly towards the trailer at hand.

You, Best-Horror-Movies, are awesome, keep up the good work, and don't worry about the temp, the higher the better ;)!

Best-Horror-Movies1754d ago

MOot likely the most ridiculous horror movie to be released this year.

LondonMediaOS1754d ago

Its so bad, that I have to watch it...

no_more_heroes1753d ago

I think that might be their devious little plan!

level 3601754d ago

Inner pain.. the turdmeister. Aaarrrgghhh!!