Nicolas Cage To Star In Paul Schrader's Next Film 'The Dying Of The Light'

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With "The Canyons" wrapped, packaged and now ready to hit theaters and VOD this weekend (you'll see our review soon), Paul Schrader is already looking ahead to his next project. Last night at the New York premiere of the film, when asked if he would ever do a movie like "The Canyons" again (a low-budget indie), Schrader said he would, but it would have to be under the right set of circumstances. He then went on to reveal his future plans, which include a project with a bit more financial muscle behind it. "The next movie I'm doing is with Nicolas Cage and it's a much more conventional process," he shared. So what is that movie?

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Hergula1786d ago

Say what you like, Nicolas Cage is incredibly entertaining to watch in any film, altough I don't approve of many of his latest films.

alycakes1786d ago

I feel the same way. I am waiting to see the one that takes place in Alaska that based on a true story. John Cusack is in it too. Darn! can't remember the name now...he plays the cop chasing after the serial killer.

Hergula1786d ago

oh yeah... I think it was "The Frozen Ground", it looks like a solid film.

coolbeans1786d ago

I'm basically the same way as well. He has such an interesting on-screen..."personality niche" that's strange and entertaining. A shame to see so few of his recent films not harnessing that.

Hergula1785d ago

True that, lets hope that now that he has been able to fix the tax issues he had, he will make smarter choices as far as film roles go.