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"Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Katy Perry, Christina Ricci, John Oliver, Anton Yelchin, Frank “Megatron” Welker, Paul Reubens and Fred Armissen are just a few of the incredibly talented cast who were given enough money to be in the colossal pile of s**t. Seeing the money, while being paid to talented people, being used to produce this movie is just a shining example as to what is wrong with creativity in Hollywood and the awful taste of mainstream America, who eats this shit up. It’s the whole Adam Sandler problem, but instead it’s being spoon fed to the children, who deserve far better." - David Rhinehart of

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darklordzor1758d ago

Yep, about what I expected. The first film was horrible, and I didn't expect anything better out of this one. Kids movies don't have to be dumbed down and stupid. They can be just as emotional and engaging as any other film.