When Gaming Meets Cinema - The Top 5 Games Reminiscent Of A Movie

"Videogames, the single form of entertainment that has offered full control over the characters seen within the world in which the story of the game is set. Whether it has been a movie-based game or vice-versa, there are plenty of examples that reflect this distinct characteristic executed both poorly and perfectly. However, as the years have demonstrated, it isn't always the officially licensed games that succeed in closely replicating the events of a popular film..."

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coolbeans1759d ago

Enjoyable read. Some standout movie, or just movie moments, brought over to great games in nuanced ways.

"Released in 2008, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft auto: IV received mixed reviews; with the media praising it for everything and smaller reviewers being disappointed with the release..."

I'm going to say BS on the "mixed reviews" part. Even IF most smaller reviewers were disappointed with it (to what degree isn't even specified) doesn't mean the likes of 5's, 6's, or even 7's (we're talking about game reviewers after all) were being tossed around.

And let's hope your ammo for "smaller reviewers" is the dregs of the internet that jump onto every metacritic user score.