WTF: Disney’s ‘Planes’ Gets an Asylum-Style Knockoff, ‘Wings’

From Slashfilm:

When Disney took a long look at the DisneyToon studios film Planes, which acts as a spin-off from Pixar’s Cars films, the decision was made to give it a theatrical run of its own. Once intended as a direct-to-disc moneymaker, the movie once knocked as a cash-in knockoff of Pixar’s work hit the big time.

That probably won’t happen with Wings. This release from LionsGate’s home department appears to be a gloriously egregious example of exploitation of a young audience’s interest in anything that looks like Pixar. (And of course kids can tell the difference; it’s the distracted adult that might be fooled for a moment.)

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darklordzor1792d ago

Looks slightly better than the CGI you'd find on one of the religious channels cartoon kids' shows.