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Hear Me Out - George Clooney Should Be The Next Batman... Again


From the minute it was announced on stage in Hall H that Man of Steel 2 essentially would be a Superman-Batman team-up movie, the Internet has been vibrating with conversation about who should step into the Caped Crusader’s legendary costume for the sure-to-be-massive sequel. The immediate thought process would be that the movie would connect back to Christopher Nolan’s existing Batman universe, perhaps giving Warner Bros. the chance to offer Christian Bale Downey-Jr. levels of cash to reprise his role as the not-deceased Bruce Wayne, coming out of “retirement” to investigate this strange alien who has landed on our planet (and caused millions of dollars of destruction in neighboring Metropolis).

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alycakes1761d ago


RedHawkX1760d ago

no because george clooney is to old.

alycakes1760d ago

I like George but I never liked him as Batman...he never really fit the part as far as I was concerned. I really love his other movies and whether they are serious or fun's just one of those things....

Sandmano1761d ago

Id rather have Nicholas Cage as Batman and thats saying a lot...

Crazay1761d ago


I can't get behind that at all. LOL

-Gespenst-1760d ago

Nick Cage almost landed a Superman role, which would have been excellent. Man of Steel probably still would have sucked though. It's just Superman getting the hi-tech, dark and brooding "Dark Knight" treatment, just like Spiderman did with the Amazing Spiderman. Annoying trend.

RedHawkX1759d ago

man of steel was good best action scenes of any superman and greenlantern film. also many powerful emotional moments and a lot more details and backstoy on superman the character and the home world which most people didnt even know about from any of the past movies. also the law and order guy is beast.

ironfist921761d ago

George Clooney is a great actor, and despite the screw up that was Batman & Robin, I believe if he was given the right script and direction, he could pull off a brutal, angsty Batman not unlike Bale, something reminiscent of Bruce from Batman Beyond.

Crazay1761d ago

I'm in the same boat as you here. I thought he was a great choice when it happened way back when. The movie was laughably craptacular though.

Anthotis1761d ago

I agree.

Could be the greatest troll job ever.

DarkBlood1761d ago

lol oh man what a show what A SHOW *claps*

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The story is too old to be commented.