'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' To Feature Lots More Black Widow And Hawkeye


Fans worried that newcomers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch could possibly edge out Black Widow and Hawkeye from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" need not worry, says writer/director Joss Whedon. At two separate events during last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con International, the Avengers assembler revealed that there's still plenty of room for the spytastic duo, and that they might even get bigger roles to play in the sequel.

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firelogic1762d ago

Right. Because that's what everyone wanted. MORE Hawkeye and Black Widow...

coolbeans1762d ago

That's what I was thinking upon reading the headline. In a world filled with guys/gals with superpowers, why demand two random spies be given much more attention?

blackmanone1761d ago

Is black widow still the female version of Captain America or has that been rewritten out? Or was that never a thing? I could have sworn she had the russian version of the superhuman serum, but not once was it mentioned. Kind of thought it would have been a big thing to mention in the movie.

StarWarsFan1761d ago

Yes, Hawkeye is definitely the character people wanted to see in the last movie.

Kurylo3d1758d ago

he was kind of my favorite part of that movie. I mean literally he was more interesting then loki as a villain. He brought in the all the connections... he planned the attacks... he was possessed by loki to be practically his right hand man, but he almost killed the avengers himself lol taking down teh propellors to the ship. He knew where to hit them. Loved when he shot samuel Jackson lol.

And his and black widows back story / personal relationship was the most interesting part of that entire movie ...

Bobertt1761d ago

I wanted to see Thanos, if the next one is about Ultron which movie will have Thanos?

aDDicteD1760d ago

i have a feeling one of them will eventually die in the sequel.