James McAvoy Tapped By FOX To Play Victor Von Frankenstein

FOX's search for the right actor to play Victor Von Frankenstein alongside Daniel Radliffe’s Igor in the Paul McGuigan-directed film has ended. The studio has chosen its X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy and the dealmaking is underway. This was a coveted role, and the studio recently tested actors that included Boardwalk Empire‘s Jack Huston, and Toby Kebbell, whose breakout was the Guy Ritchie-directed RocknRolla. John Davis’ Davis Entertainment is producing.

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alycakes1730d ago

This might be really good.

StarWarsFan1729d ago

It's hard to gauge how this project will turn out. From the casting alone, I don't think there's a wow-factor yet.

aDDicteD1727d ago

i think he would be great playing victor frankenstein, based on his works, it could easily see him in the role, which i think is a safe move because he could play roles of a smart character easily. i am more curious on how daniel radcliff plays igor.