Remakes: Cancer of the Movie Industry

JM: Remakes exist for one reason, and one reason only: to make money. Not because a producer thought they could do a better job with new technology, not because the previous film had any faults and deserved a remake—no, they are simply an easy, uncreative way to generate income. And the public eats it up.

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darklordzor1765d ago

This is just a cynical way of looking at things. While that may be true in some cases, there are plenty of filmmakers out there who do things because they genuinely feel they can add something to the story and retell it for a new age.

Not to mention that there are plenty of amazing remakes out there that some would argue are better than the originals:

The Fly
Ocean's Eleven
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1976)
True Grit (perhaps not better, but as good as the Original)
3:10 to Yuma
Dawn of the Dead
The Ring
Father of the Bride

I could go on...For the author of this piece, if the movie industry has made you this jaded, perhaps it's time to step back. Remember, movies are supposed to be for fun and entertainment!

Treezy5041765d ago

I see what you are saying, but it is not extremely common, at least for me, to enjoy a remake as much as the original. Granted pretty much every movie you listed I enjoyed, but there are far too many movies I can name that are just terrible or simply made to garner money from a fan base or following of a cult classic.

I think one of the best remakes I have ever seen is Rob Zombie's Halloween (The first one). I've seen the original series milked and face palmed plenty, plus being that it's a horror movie remake, those tend to suck the most(except for the new Evil Dead). I was extremely surprised at how intense it was and could almost argue that it's better than the original.

Movies are supposed to be fun and entertaining, but I feel what the author is saying. I've kicked myself in the butt for paying full price to see remakes and I did not enjoy myself other than stuffing my face with 15 dollar popcorn lol.

coolbeans1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Some good points there, but I can sort of understand where the author is coming from. Rather than having a greater demand for new films and new visions of today, Hollywood is so safe with what goes through that it's mostly stuff that's a safe bet: remaking a classic movie, grabbing a comic book franchise, etc.

Just think about it: 20 years from now how few blockbuster franchises of today could actually be original screenplays for them to be rebooted down the line. What will the ratio be of big-budgeted movies from comics started in the mid-20th century to movies with refreshing ideas made now?

darklordzor1764d ago

Very true, because the studios have to go with the safe bets. Anytime something original comes out, audiences don't seem to support it. The general populace only seems interested in properties they love. Just look at Scott Pilgrim and Cloud Atlas (not the most recent but apt for the example). Two good movies, that no one gave a chance because they were new IPs and unknowns. When the general public only gives their money to the 'safe bet' films, that's all the studios are going to make.

coolbeans1764d ago

"Anytime something original comes out, audiences don't seem to support it."

Indeed. Fault certainly shouldn't only be given to the corporate simply feeding the consumers' demand.