Tyler Hoechlin Up For New Batman; Screen Test With Henry Cavill; Plot For New Superman/Bats Movie


Last Saturday at Comic-Con following the Warner Bros. panel, attendees were graced with a surprise visit by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Harry Lennix announcing the next Superman movie.

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Crazay1277d ago

He's not the first to come to mind for me when I think about Batman, but he could be a decent fit. Somehow, I feel he looks too young to be in the role but probably due to the fact that all my experiences with Batman on film being played by guys in their late 30s - early 40s.

DarkBlood1276d ago

almost felt that way with henry cavill so im sure im going to like him as batman should he pass the screening test

Sandmano1276d ago

Dont see him as Batman.

FullMetalTech1276d ago

I can picture him as Batman. If you notice him shaven he has that playboy billionaire look to him. Not the perfect choice but he would seem to fit in with Henry Cavill.

OhReginald1276d ago

does not look like a bruce wayne batman at alll

ScepticTankAvenger1276d ago

He can fit the part. But I swear, if he does a barely audible "scary" voice, somebody gonna get hurt.

Pillsbury11276d ago

Nope! Too young to be batman.

Hergula1274d ago

The age is not that important...

Pillsbury11274d ago

I guess you like the young teen boyish type...

Hergula1273d ago

mmm, where do you get that from? I said that the age does not matter, I never said that I wanted a young "teen boyish type" to play Batman.

Please, never jump to conclusions to what I say, because I say what I mean and mean what I say. MEANING, that I was simply stating that the age for any character in the superhero realm is not that important.

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