Double Impact: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ‘Kickboxer’ & ‘Bloodsport’ Set For Dueling Reboots

From Deadline:

More than two decades after Jean-Claude Van Damme split-kicked his way onto the scene, the legacy of the Muscles from Brussels is making a double impact on Hollywood’s action game. Radar Pictures (The Last Samurai, Riddick) has a new vision for Van Damme’s 1989 martial arts actioner Kickboxer, one of two Van Damme reboots in the works around town.

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darklordzor1766d ago

Hmmmm...I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. I love that martial arts films are making a bigger comeback, but I really enjoyed the originals. The cheese factor in these films are part of what makes them so awesome.

Hergula1766d ago

Personally I am not looking forward to the reboots. Considering how great both Kickboxer and Bloodsport are, well not production wise, but general enjoyment.

darklordzor1766d ago

Exactly, there's a classic quality to them that's impossible to match. While this is true of many remakes I guess I feel more protective over my Van Damme flicks!

Hergula1766d ago

Agreed, I'm a huge Van Damme fan as well, and I can't imagine anyone else playing his parts. Also, who do you think will be taking his spot in the reboots? I mean there are not that making Martial artists left in Hollywood.

DarkBlood1765d ago

i would but it be hard to find someone to train me exclusively, not easy getting into the business of movies though

Ares84HU1765d ago

How about Scott Adkins?

Anthotis1765d ago

It is an incredibly shit idea, and is doomed to fail.

KingPin1765d ago

thanks but no thanks. van Damme movies should be left alone.
did these people not see what happens when you make a kickboxer movie without VD? go watch kickboxer 3 and 4.

also, bloodsport is a classic. judging by todays action sequences, G.I.joe, Fast and Furious, lone ranger, etc everything is sooo over the top. bloodsport will be like a wanna-be mortal kombat movie coz people will be doing teleport and bicycle kicks, throwing fireballs and what not.

no thanks. just leave it alone.

aDDicteD1763d ago

without van damme's charisma, both projects would get knocked out. it would be ridiculous rebooting this films they should try fresher ideas.