Who Disney Is Looking At For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’?


Disney conspicuously kept Star Wars out of this year’s Comic-Con slate only to have it at it’s own annual D23 Expo, which is about three weeks away, August 9-11 in Anaheim.

The studio is working to produce a Star Wars: Episode VII and continue the story of where 1983′s Episode VI: Return of the Jedi left off. Production on the seventh film in the series will start next year in the UK.

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colonel1791793d ago

Horrible choices! I am not sure they will go for the mature older bruce, but actually someone older. Either way, the choices here are absolutely horrendous and not go well with how Man of Steel was.

blackmanone1793d ago

Star Wars is going to turn into a smorgasbord of young Disney stars and starlets. Good bye Star Wars, I feel like I hardly know ye.

Crazay1793d ago

Personally I see this is a smokescreen. It's just a rumor and we really should treat it as such....Now on the flip side, if this holds to be true, then sweet merciful jeebus are we in trouble.

Lord_Sloth1793d ago

Robotech movie? I'm listening...

-Gespenst-1793d ago

I feel like this is just going to be the most cynical, churned-out cash-in of all time.

pompombrum1793d ago

I think people are being way too cynical here.. this is Star Wars.. Disney paid loads for the rights, they're not going to destroy the franchise.

cyclindk1793d ago

I have faith, but it didn't stop Lucas from attempting it!

awiseman1793d ago

Misplaced your faith is.

cyclindk1793d ago

You are too old to begin your training

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