'Fantastic Four' Reboot Moving Production From Vancouver to Louisiana

The Wrap

"The Fantastic Four" is headed to the Deep South.

The super-team reboot is moving production from Vancouver to Louisiana, a studio spokeswoman told TheWrap.

Louisiana lawmakers recently killed a bill that would have reduced the state's film production incentive program, keeping its generous transferrable credits in place. That made Fox feel comfortable sending work there, according to an individual with knowledge of the decision-making process.

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Anthotis1735d ago

Whilst they're "moving" location, i hope they can also "move away" from the PC, anti-white, self loathing idea that Johnny Storm shouldn't be white.

Crazay1735d ago

i'm very against the idea of changing up the original concepts as well. IT'S not even a racist thing. i just don't think you muck around with something that has so much history.

coolbeans1734d ago

Well done, Louisiana government. Hope this Fantastic Four turns out achieving it's potential.