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Covert Affairs Q&A: Manolo Cardona on a Complicated Character, Daddy Issues and More

Prior to last week's Covert Affairs Season 4 premiere, we introduced fans to Hill Harper and the role he would play on this USA Network hit all summer long.

Now it's time to meet the other man whose character will cause quite a stir over the coming weeks, Manolo Cardona.

Aside from being extremely humble and exceedingly handsome, Cardona is also extremely passionate about the people of Columbia, where the show’s premiere was shot and where Manolo is a larger-than-life star.

The actor and Piper Perabo even arranged for the Medellin-based opener to be screened for the people of that city in a special event via the Wandering Cinema Foundation.

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alycakes1763d ago

Yes, I watched the premiere and he was great. I wasn't expecting a new addition to the cast this season but I think the story behind this is going to lead to some very interesting situations.