TV Fanatic Major Crimes Review: Everywhere You Go, There You Are

The "Rules of Engagement" changed this week, as the Major Crimes division finally had enough of listening to Rios boss them around as if she knew what she was doing.

Whether it changes anything going forward, we'll just have to wait and see.

Sharon tossed Jack a bone by asking him to help her out with a witness to a crime. It didn't take long to discover why her marriage to him was on the rocks. He took what was given to him and ran with it like a small child, clutching the case and turning it into something more than it was, trying to steal his moment in the sun.

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alycakes1767d ago

Great episode but a lot more serious than the norm. I'm worried about Rusty...he hasn't told anyone about all the threatening letters he's rec'd. They only know about the first 2 but he's gotten several and I have a feeling this friend of his that he studies with that has a famous attorney for a father has some connection with the serial killer that he has to testify me paranoid...but you never know.