6 Actors Who Would Be Great As The New Batman

Following the exciting announcement that Batman will go up against Superman in the Man Of Steel follow-up, let’s consider who might play the caped crusader in his next movie outing.

With previous star Christian Bale saying he looks forward to seeing ”what someone else will come up with”, WOW247 takes a look at six actors who would do him proud as the new Batman.

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yoshiroaka1792d ago

Dear god man! Thats great! I never thought of him! If he can lose the accent like Henry Cavill he would be perfect!

Hergula1792d ago

Whoever it is going to be, needs to pack on at least 20-30 pounds of muscle.

MilkMan1792d ago

Michael C Hall for the WIN!

Sandmano1792d ago

Michael Fassbender was my first thought when thinking of the new batman but at a second glance he would be an AMAZING! Two-face. And like batman we dont need to see his origin story just start him as he is.

Two-Face needs to be the main villain in a Batman movie its about time.