New Photo of Dwayne Johnson as Hercules


Dwayne Johnson has been teasing images of himself from the set of the upcoming Hercules since production began. Today's image features him with the film's cinematographer Dante Spinotti and offers fans a better look at his costume. Check it out below!

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Crazay1761d ago

Am I the only one who thinks it's going to be weird to see The Rock with hair? I mean I know he was rocking out some long hair in The Scorpion King but...I dunno. I think he's going to look funny.

StarWarsFan1761d ago

I think he's the best choice for the movie.

Crazay1761d ago

no question. As far as appearance goes he's great. i just think the hair is going to look funny becaue it's been so long since he had any.

kingPoS1761d ago

The Rock aka DJ with a full head of "hair"? [mind is boggled]

Lord_Sloth1761d ago

So I'm confused...Is he playing Hercules in the film?

And if Kevin Sorbo doesn't have a cameo in this I'm gonna be upset!

ironfist921760d ago

Just get him on the God of War movie, he's duited for the role!

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